Dana Rugby Football Club was established with objective to become the premier high school rugby team in Orange County. DFRC celebrates the rich tradition of rugby by introducing Dana High School Students (and surrounding areas) to the sport.
We’ll accomplish this by:

  1. Building a team that embodies the great international teams in terms of values, commitment, discipline and team work.
  2. Create opportunities for DHHS (and surrounding areas) to learn and play this international sport by the best coaching talent in the county.
  3. Open collegiate opportunities at D-1 universities through rugby
  4. Become part of the Worlds’ great fraternity by learning about different cultures through sport
  5. Enrich the DH Dolphin Dynasty by developing better athletes and creating global citizens!

Our Story:

The path in getting a high school club sports team established is a lot like an act of congress, or a detective novel.  Drew Falk, an athlete at Dana Hills led this initiative. Along this two year journey there have been countless “No’s, no way in hell, can’t help you, forget it, talk to him, along with the standard brush offs.  The doors were closed, shutters latched.  No room at the Inn. Lots of research, fact finding, powerpoint presentations, and a big dose of persistence kept this dream alive.  People started to help. Club coaches volunteered, Parents of local club players offered time and assistance, DHHS provided thoughtful guidance to navigate the requirements,  and fellow rugby player classmates pushed to get the word out and recruit. It was coming together. We got the approvals needed, assembled an amazing coaching staff, and the parents formed a non-profit and board.  Finally, local businesses and families underwrote the team.

Now it’s on! DHRFC is taking root and building a foundation that will one day be admired at DH, and in the HS rugby community.

Alas, the formation of the Dana Rugby Football Team serves as metaphor for the game of rugby and life – Don’t ever ever give up if the goal is something you truly believe in.



This club and team simply would not be possible without the guidance and thoughtful counsel of many leaders in our community.  We want express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Mike Lewis, President of San Clemente Gators youth rugby

Jason Allemann, Principal Dana Hills High School

Matt Reid, District Athletic Director – Capistrano Unified School District

Todd Rusinkovich, Varsity Football Coach – Dana Hills High School

Bobby Hughes, Head Coach Tesoro Rugby Club

Fellow teammates: Anton Grigoriou, Gabe Wahl, and Jaxon Breckenridge

City of Laguna Niguel

Our Sponsors

Our Parents

The Falk Family

The Grigoriou Family

The Breckenridge Family

The Wahl Family