Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the US.  High school teams are added every school year, which is analogous to the Lacrosse expansion a decade ago, HS Rugby will become a CIF sanctioned sport in coming years.

Additionally, the Olympics are including 7’s rugby as a medal sport for the first time since the 1924 Olympic Games.  If that’s not enough the National Football League has entered into a joint agreement with the UK professional rugby union to bring professional rugby to the US AND utilizing NFL stadiums and infrastructure.

So, where do colleges come in?  As you can imagine universities across the United States are muscling up their rugby programs.

From our perspective, this can create new opportunities for Dana Hills High School Students who want to play rugby and attend a great college. The purpose of this section is to provide education and resources on:

-WHAT colleges are looking for?

-HOW to best prepare?

-WHO to to connect with the gain visibility to the best universities?



Karen Fong has developed the single best GO-TO resource for collegiate rugby. Her business The Ruggers Edge is a resource we highly recommend. Karen has presented to a number of the Dana HS players at their local clubs and we plan on partnering with The Ruggers Edge at Dana going forward.

Karen’s informative website and resource guide is attached for your reference: